Meet the team

Once your vehicle arrives at Creative Coachworks it is in the capable hands of owner Alan, along with Phil, Jordan, George and Joe. Although every member of the team has their own speciality they are all skilled in every aspect of restoration and can guide you through the process. In the office, Chris and Kate manage the admin and make the brews!



Alan has been involved with modified cars since he was nine years old; helping his dad out with any projects he was working on. At eleven he first tried panel beating and welding and at the age of sixteen he purchased a 1962 Zephyr Farnham Estate from a scrap yard. The car was transported to a rented single garage near to his parents’ house where he transformed it into a low riding custom with a Rover V8 engine over the next few years as he studied towards his City and Guilds qualification in Vehicle Body Craft Studies.

Alan’s studies covered all aspects of traditional coach building including panel forming, lead loading, ash frame making and chassis modification often working from a brief description and at other times from detailed plans. These formative experiences helped develop an appreciation of real ‘craftsmanship’ skills that had to be learned and continually developed. Because of this traditional training, nothing is beyond his ability and as well as using traditional skills and tools; Alan is keen to embrace new technology and techniques. Alan has passed on the traditional coach building skills to Phil and is training Jordan and George.

Alan has restored, modified and repaired countless classic and specialist vehicles from the 1930’s onwards, and has an immense appreciation of all vehicles, from steam powered vehicles through to vehicles from the seventies.



Phil has always been involved in cars. He grew up around customised classics and Hot Rods in various stages of repair or modification. He first used a spray gun at four years old and tried welding at six.

Phil has restored and modified several vehicles as well as his own ’67 beetle and ’63 single cab Splitscreen which he has lowered heavily with modified chassis and suspension components and fitted with a large displacement performance engine build by himself.

Phil’s abilities extend through all aspects of the restoration process although he is most happy handling mechanical work and chassis set ups.



Chris has spent most of her life around modified cars, starting with her own Morris Minor at the age of seventeen. She has helped Alan with various projects and been involved with everything from engine and gearbox changing and flatting paintwork to fully upholstering vehicles.

Chris is involved with the administration, as well as providing a bespoke upholstery service.



Kate joined the family business after university where she studied for a degree in Human Resource Management and Sociology.

Kate manages the administration side of the business, helps Chris out with trimming and gets involved in the stripping down/ paint removal process when necessary.